i    Artist Management or rather I, Am started with a heart’s whisper… followed by a heavenly promise and a lively passion for actors and their craft.
Combine all the ingredients above and you will find a boutique Actor’s Agency situated in the heart of Cape Town, with a difference. Quite a difference….IAM agent and artist manager, Charlene Wolmarans, a formally trained actor herself, has over 10 years of experience as an Actor’s Agent and Manager and a total of 16 years in the Film Industry. 
IAM specializes in a personalized relationship with each of it’s clients. Charlene is known to customize her service/management to suit each and every client’s needs and meets them where they are at. Her passion and determination is evident in her approach to every task pertaining to booking and selling her artists. Charlene has strong beliefs in supporting, building and encouraging her artists to reach their full potential as she has first hand experience and tremendous understanding not to mention compassion for her artists with all the excitement, success and sometimes disappointment it pertains. She is also known to only represent actors she truly believes in.
She strives to be the agent she could not find for herself and has committed herself to finding solutions to showcase her actor’s talent and improving the overall day to day of an actor following a career in acting. IAM also strives to be the preferred agency for casting directors and production companies to work with by always being diligent, effective, fast moving, never compromising and going the extra mile to get the best suited actor for the job.
IAM actors are driven, interesting, beautiful and trained individuals oozing with talent. They are professional, punctual and prepared. When IAM actors are not on set, at their film premieres, opening nights, on the red carpet or at award ceremonies, you will find them at acting workshops, accent courses, the gym, movie theaters, filming weekly youtube shows, writing scripts during off season and filming endless self tapes and skits.
IAM is an agency that not only acts as an agent on behalf of it’s actors whilst managing their acting careers, but a company that assists in making dreams come true.